How to Steal a City (Blurb)

How to steal a city

forex valuta kontakt ‘In March 2015, I was tasked by Pravin Gordhan, then the minister responsible for local government, to root out corruption in the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality in the Eastern Cape. Over the following eighteen months, I led the investigations and orchestrated the crackdown as the ‘hatchet man’ for the metro’s new Mayor, Danny Jordaan, the […]

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Sisters united in song

women-holding-hands_600w On the 8th of March we celebrated international women’s day and I had the honour and privilege to host 9 sisters who shared their personal journeys, lessons, struggles and all of this done simply for the love of others. I still get goose bumps on how many women out there actually are prepared to make […]

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Celebrating Women’s Efforts

international womens day

segnali operativi forex gratis On the 8th of March 2017 we will be celebrating international women’s day (IWD) across the world.  On this day hundreds of organisations celebrate and recognise women’s efforts through a myriad of events.  The colour for this year is purple which symbolises dignity and justice. The 2017 celebrations are held under the theme  “Be bold […]

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New Season…Are you game?


Last month I wrote about the advent of the new season and encouraged you to think about following your passion and ensuring that you dance with the world whilst there is still some music in you. Last month I wrote about the advent of the new season and encouraged you to think about following your […]

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New Season…What’s Up


January 2, 2017 Yesterday we marked the beginning of yet another year and I watched with a sense of joy and appreciation as many people celebrated and ushered in 2017. Gosh… the amount of love shared, enthusiasm and excitement brewing everywhere I went, with all forms of media especially social media abuzz with well wishes […]

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The real importance of transformation


South Africa cannot afford to forsake or lose sight of the transformation project, Leago Group’s Chairman, Thabo Owen Mokwena, told Karen Kühlcke in an exclusive interview. The Director of the Centre for Public Entities (CPE) and owner of Leago Group, Thabo Owen Mokwena, is passionate about supporting economic transformation. He believes that transformation has been […]

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10 Questions with Dr Hangwelani Hope Magidimisha


Dr Hangwelani Hope Magidimisha, was a former researcher at the HSRC and is the first black woman to be awarded a Doctorate in Town Planning at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Dr Magidimisha grew up in Ngudza village (Venda, Limpopo) and completed her undergrad at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her Master’s thesis looked at spatial planning […]

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