June 15, 2016

Ministerial Handover of the Sports Court to Reitumetse High School


On Friday the 3 June, 2016 Trailblazers attended the Ministerial handover of the Multipurpose Sport court to Reitumetse High School. This day was a momentous occasion for the founder of Trailblazers, Thabo Owen Mokwena.

At Reitumetese High School’s 30th Anniversary, to attribute homage to their former High School, Thabo Owen Mokwena and fellow alma maters envisioned implementing something to enhance the education of the students.

On Friday, when the Deputy Minister cut the ribbon and officially handed  over the Multipurpose Court to Reitumetse, this vision came to fruition.

Thabo Owen Mokwena:

The handover was a historic moment for us as former learners of Reitumetse High School. We were also pleased that the Minister accepted the request to support the school

The Multipurpose court can host at least 5 different types of sport. This includes, soccer (5 a side), netball, basketball, tennis and volleyball. By using sport as a medium the court is intended to facilitate development not only in school, but the community as well.

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