Dr Makhosonke Maseko

Dr Makhosonke Maseko

Ear, Nose and Throat, head and neck cancer, allergy specialist

Title and Qualifications

 MB ChB (UCT) M Med (pta) FCORL (SA) DipAllergol (SA)

Areas of expertise

Specialist in ear, nose and throat infections, expert in head and neck cancer. Allergy Specialist


Cochlea Implant Fellow

Company NameUniversity Of Pretoria Cochlea Implant Group

Dates EmployedMar 2012 – Feb 2014

Employment Duration2 yrs 


This was a supervised surgical training post in a private hospital for cochlea implant surgery. It involved both live surgery and temporal bone laboratory work. During this period I had an opportunity to go to University of London’s St George’s Hospital in the UK for a supervised fresh caderveric work and case observation.

Post training I remained a member of the unit. We operate, on average, every two weeks both adults and peadiatric cases. The team is made up of audiologist, speech therapist, psychologist, biomedical engineers and ENT surgeons. It meets monthly to discuss pre and post operative cases.

Head and Neck Oncology Fellow

Company NameSteve Biko Academic Hospital

Dates EmployedFeb 2012 – Feb 2014

Employment Duration2 yrs 1 mo 


This was a supervised surgical time post primary specialist training. The head and neck oncology unit comprised of Plastic, ENT, Maxillofacial and General surgeons. The team also had full-time oral pathologists, speech therapists, social workers, oncology nurses, medical and radio oncologist. The team met 3 times per week for pre-operative planning, outpatient follow up and first presentation clinic disscussion. 

In the 2 years I was in the unit I was involved directly in the surgical planning, operating and care of patients with salivary tumours, oral squamous cell carcinomas and neck dissection when required. I worked closely with plastics surgeons in the planning of reconstructive surgery. Following my training, I remained part of this unit on part time basis(pro bono)