The High School Support Programme

this content The Trailblazers High School Support Programme is intended to enhance our education system by paying special attention to high school development. The programme is implemented in partnership with specially selected and approved schools, who have applied for the support programme.

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best binary option broker uk The programme provides the following support to the approved schools and leaners:
  • Working jointly with the school to identify critical support needs/requirements
  • Leaner support and development, including career advise
  • Facilitating school renovations and ensuring adequate learning facilities
  • Supporting the School Governing Bodies to maximize their role and achieve their intended objectives
  • Supporting the teachers and management through leadership and motivational programmes
  • Providing limited sponsorships on critical needs programmes
  • Facilitation of partnerships from corporate donors, friends and supporters. The High School Support Programme is on a mission to develop future South African leaders by supporting their schooling needs and creating a conducive learning environment, for schools from disadvantaged communities.

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The High School Support Programmes: Sign up Form

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