Pam Yako

Pam Yako

Director at the Zenande Leadership


Bachelor of Commerce (Rhodes University)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Labour Law (Graduate Institute of Technology)

Masters in Business Leadership (University of South Africa)

Certified Coach (Coaching Training Alliance)

Coaching with Enneagram (Enneagram Business)

Areas of Expertise

Consultant, Executive Coach, Process Facilitator, Project and Programme Manager


Pam Yako has worked as executive in the last 14 years and brings enormous experience to the life of an executive and a leader. She specialises in leadership coaching as well as team effectiveness, team coaching, change management, strategy formulation, implementation and monitoring. Her professional experience includes the following

Strategy development and implementation: as a government official was responsible for leading the development and implementation of organisational strategies and ensuring their implementation in the organisations I served in.  As a consultant, I have focused on the facilitation and development of strategic plans for Linkd Environmental Services and SA Quantum (both organisations in the private sector) and the Biodiversity and Conservation Branch (a public sector organisation) and the Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Public Works.

Project Management: As part of the MBL I did an extensive project management course and I have implemented this skill in my consulting assignments.  Recently in June 2011 I was the project manager for the Eastern Cape Climate Change Conference.  I have recently served as a project manager for the development of the East London IDZ’s green economy strategy and the SRP business plan.

Executive Coaching:  Since my qualification as a certified coach I have coached individuals in the public and private sector.  I am on the coaching panel for Department of Environmental Affairs (the coaching team is assigned to senior managers in the department).  As part of the coaching process I work with the individuals and conduct skills assessments. In addition I run a group coaching series targeted at women in the public sector (see under Reinvention series).