Professor FM Lucky Mathebula

Professor FM Lucky Mathebula

Executive Chairperson, Madyatshamile


PhD Public Administration (University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa)

BA Honors (Cum Laude) Public Administration (Vista University, University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Master’s Degree in Public Administration (University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa)  

Harvard Senior Executive Programme- Business Management and Administration (Harvard University and University of the Witwatersrand Business Schools, Boston, South Africa)

BA Economics and Public Administration (Vista University, Tshwane, South Africa)

Secondary Teachers Diploma in History and English (Transvaal College of Education, Tshwane, South Africa)

Areas of Expertise

Public Administration, Scenario Planning, Political Risk Analysis, Public Sector Consulting, Political Advisory,


Dr FM Lucky Mathebula is a businessman with active ownership in a number of companies. He is a policy analyst and a strategic planning consultant. His experience includes scenario planning, political risk analysis, public sector consulting, political advisory services to a number of politicians (across the continent). He holds a PhD in Public Administration and a Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Development Certificate as well as a Fribourg University Diploma in Intergovernmental Relations. His professional strengths include group think facilitation, strategy development, socio-political risk analysis, coalition building, change management and stakeholder relationship management. He is married to Jane Khunjulwa Mathebula and they are blessed with three children; Mathebula, Mikateko and Amukelani.